Putting the POWER back into your Computer!

PCMod.nl is happy to quickly service all your computer requests!

Based in the Netherlands I offer you an alternative for your computer that will get you the best results.

Speaking Dutch as well as English, I can give my professional opinion on what you really need whether it is for a new system or a simple to a comprehensive upgrade, not what the store wants to sell you to make a sale.

I work with great detail and pleasure on all jobs, and can offer you a wide range of services to give you the soloution you need.

Services include:

  • PC Builds
    • I will build your custom computer platform after learning what your needs and requirements are for your system.
  • PC Repair
    • I am happy to fix any problems you are having, including both hardware and software problems.
  • Internet installations
    • On location installations or repairs.
  • PC Mods
    • My specialty and most comprehensive service!  I will design and create your individual PC Case modifications, just to name a few are install a window in your case, added cooling, lighting, anything you require.

Please contact me to learn how you can profit from pcmod.nl.

25.02.2012. 13:05